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NRI SERVICES in Dream Homes Property   NRI Check List
bullet NRI's who want to return to mother land or invest in the mother land find difficult to find trustworthy property agents, who provide a good service and in assisting the NRI's to locate the right property and make right investments.
bullet Today Indian realty market is seeing the biggest influx of NRIs, coming here in great numbers from all parts of the world to invest in the booming realty sector of India. Over the last few years real estate prices in most cities in India have gone up, ranging from 100% to over 2,000%.
bullet Earlier, this investment was only limited to very influential and rich NRI families, because of the strict FDI regulation policy adopted by the government of India. But now, with the opening up of cent percent FDI in realty sector, even the middle class average NRI is able to invest in India with ease. The boom in FDI is majorly caused by this middle class segment of NRIs, who form a sizable chunk of numbers. A number which was earlier restricted to a few thousands has now gone up in Lakhs, contributing to a huge FDI influx in India. There is absolutely no legal restriction whatsoever on the number of houses that an NRI or even a PIO (person of Indian origin) can buy or sell – only agricultural land remains out of bounds. So, technically, NRIs do not need any special permission to acquire, lease, transfer, inherit, or accept as gift any immovable property in India if the property does not fall into agricultural land, farm house or plantation property. NRIs interested in acquisition of agricultural land/farm house/plantation property should send request to the RBI’s Foreign Exchange Department.
bullet Dream Homes NRI special advisory services is meant to cater to this class of clients, to give them lucrative and trustworthy deals in the booming real estate markets of India. Now the NRIs can simply forget about their earlier concerns related to loosing money in false transactions or getting cheated by bogus agents acting as property dealers. We help them in easily pinpointing the best areas to choose for investments in real estate in India, and they will also be able to get maximum returns on their investments here.
bullet Dream Homes NRI special advisory team help's NRI'S
  bullet Identifying premium properties for investment
  bullet Best price negotiations with the our agents
  bullet We help in associate with NRI representative
  bullet Calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) of individual projects with due consideration to the market appreciation and time factor involvement
  bullet Completing the legal formalities with our Legal Team
  • Age, Address, Id -Proof
  • Last 6 months Pay Slip
  • NRI Bank statements - 6 months (salary)
  • NRI Bank Statements - 6 months
  • Photo
  • Present company appointment letter
  • Previous company reliving letter
  • Passport full set copy with visa validity
  • Proof of Age, Address Proof, Qualification proof
  • Local Address Proof
  • NRI A/c Processing Fee Cheque
  • Resume of Customer
  • Proof of Address in Axis Bank Format
  • Qualification Proof
  • Proof of Address-Photo
  • HR Confirmation
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